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Bleeding Nitrogen... MM200 blender leak tests?

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  • Bleeding Nitrogen... MM200 blender leak tests?

    I have performed the steps for testing for leaks at the regulators, valve seats, seals, lines, etc.

    But I have come up with no findings.

    Issue: I have a brand new and freshly hydro'd 40 cu. ft. Nitrogen tank - filled, and now on my second keg of Guinness, I am down to around 300 psi. remaining.

    Setup: 942BN*, 942B*, MM200 Blender, 8011*, 5/16" braided high-pressure air line*, teflon-tape'd threads, G408* for Mixed-Gas secondary, 4-pressure CO2 secondary. (*=brand new - this is only the second keg)

    No beer leaks, no issue with pressure drops or CO2 loss on non-blended gas side. Both HP regulators set at 55 psig at the MM200 inputs. Liquid temp in cooler is 38F. Mixed gas secondary is set at 14 psig. Is there anything special I can or should be doing or looking for as far as checking the MM200 blender for leaks goes? Are there any internals somewhere? I think I'm going to need to fill the N tank to do more testing to build up pressure soon. Ideas?

    Thanks in advance everyone!


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    I wonder if you put the whole setup - or most of it - in a giant tub of water you would see bubbles.

    Does it hurt to get the regulator wet?

    I dont' know.
    Alan in PA


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      I would not put a $900 blender in water. Check all the connections at the blender. I have had gas distributors from MM before that were not put together correctly and leaked.
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        Get your high tech leak dectection device out ... spray bottle and soapy water. Check all of the connections on the blender. Turn off the pecocks on the blender so gas is not going to the system, then turn off the tanks and watch the guages that show how much gas is in the tanks. If they drop rapidly then you know the leak is between the tank and the blender. If not open one pecock and repeat .
        Colin Harrison
        Dbi Beverage Chico


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          I had a similar situation, a large tank of Nitrogen use per week, co2 tank usage minimal as per guage. after 3 weeks and nitrogen tanks the bar called. MM regulators, mcdantim blender, install 5 years ago, soap and water, tx sniffer, could not find a leak (was very low on pressure, less than 10 psi on nitrogen primary), no guage movement when shut offs turned, replaced primary nitrogen regulator, appears to have been the problem
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