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Foamy beer - line freeze up

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  • Foamy beer - line freeze up

    Hey there, i work at an event center that seats about 6000. We have many draft lines at quite a distant of lenght. All lines are well insulated and have the glycol gel system- we still have foamy beer.

    Our draft guy who cleans the lines told us that since the draft system is set up using only CO2 gas to push the beer all the way to the tap and not having a compressor to help with that portion gives us freeze ups. Since we pour alot of beer during a concert there is more flow of CO2 and the regulator freezes up and evently after the foamy beer we get a trickle then nothing.

    Since the building will not pay for a conversion and get a compressor in there, our only option is to use hot towels on the regulators to help with the freezing.

    My question is : What are our options other then hot towels or addition of compressor ??

    Is there anyone else out there who has this problem too ??

    any help or advice or suggestions would greatly help as were stupmped.

    cheers and thanks for reading

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    thats way over my head man... i just thought you needed a reply


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      The last thing you would ever, ever apply to a dispensing system is an air compressor. Please check your private messages. I would like to discuss this with you via phone.
      Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute