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Direction of Beer Manifold?

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  • Direction of Beer Manifold?

    I am installing a draft system that splits to 3 towers and am using the manifolds pictured below. My question is this: Does it matter which way I mount these to the wall? Ideally, I would prefer to mount them vertically, but concerned that a CO2 "pocket" would become stuck in the manifold above the highest beer fitting outlet.

    Any ideas? Does it matter which way I mount it?
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    If you have a CO2 pocket, you have more issues to worry about than how you will mount this monstrosity. Coupling warm kegs is a huge problem and it would not matter if you mounted it up side down!

    If your system is set up correctly with consistent temperatures, you should not have any pockets. Hopefully you are using a gas blender and you keg pressures are in the mid 20's.

    A problem you may encounter down the road is attempting to clean the manifold. Is there any feature which allows for dis-assembly and thus cleaning?

    What is the function of the manifold? A couple of the 898B Beer "Y"s on top of a wall bracket would suffice.
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      The manifolds are being installed to hopefully provide a "buffer" amount of beer in the system for very high-volume establishment. It is to split a brewpub set-up from the serving tanks to each of the three towers.

      Because of the brewery setting, the brewer and I wish to use flojet pumps, so gas blend will not be used. However all the lines will be balanced with the same restriction plus the additional restriction line to compensate for the pumps.

      Do I not need a manifold?

      Would I be able to use a john guest cross fitting to split them?