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two inline primaries w/ LH threads?

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  • two inline primaries w/ LH threads?

    Read through all the previous threads, and this exact question has not yet come up.

    I have a single primary regulator (single gauge) on my 5 lb co2 tank running a single corny keg. I want to add a second regulator to run a second keg at separate pressures.

    I already have a second primary regulator (dual gauges) that is not hooked up to anything. Can I connect this primary regulator to the existing primary regulator instead of using secondary regulators? Both of my regulators have LH threads on the high pressure sides, so I'll need to find a connector for this - figure I can at one of the local gas equipment stores. Or can I find a LH threaded nipple that can go into the first primary regulator that I can screw the hex nut on the stem of the second primary regulator into (not sure if the hex nut on the stem is LH or RH now that I think of it?)

    I've read not to use a secondary regulator in a high pressure setting (first inline to the tank), but wanted to make sure there's no problems running two primaries inline.

    thanks in advance.

    btw - this site is full of good info.

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    oops - wrong place

    oops, sorry. I read "System components/pressure side" but didn't read the part about this being the commercial forum.


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        A little twist inthe other way

        I have a Primary Premium Regulator (with Left hand threads on the High pressure gas side where the tank pressure gage connects) and an unconnected Secondary Premium Regulator (with Right hand threads on the High pressure gas in side). So what I'm looking for is a way to connect the 2 together through the high gas ports. I can't seem to find a fitting with RHT on one end and LHT on the other that will fit the Premium Regulators.

        I have already purchased the correct barbed connectors for these, but am unsure what hose to use.

        So there are 2 questions here - is there a fitting to connect the 2 regulators, or is there tubing available to handle the high pressure gas between the regulators.

        Many Thanks for any information.