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Possible to modify a regulator?

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  • Possible to modify a regulator?

    I'm just bought one of Micromatics Premium Two-Gauge regulators, and I was wondering if it's possible to modify it? I wanted to remove the barbed connector on the bottom, but so far I've been unable. Well, actually I was able to get the barbed connector off, but it came loose from a small fitting still attached to the regulator. So far I can't shift this at all, it seems completely frozen. Is this part even removable? I can see teflon tape near where it meets the regulator body, so obviously someone put it there before then fitting was screwed in. Still, this thing is so tight on there the only way I can see to get it off is with an impact gun or something similar. Since I don't have one and it seems like overkill, am I missing something here? Should it be this difficult to get off?

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    It should be threaded in like any other fitting.

    For what reason do you wish to remove it?

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      Yeah, it's threaded, standard 1/4" NPT. It's just frozen as hell. So much so that when I removed the barbed fitting, I think I broke it in that the fitting it was screwed into should have come with the barb rather than stay in the regulator.

      I'm removing it because I'm actually setting up a CO2 tank and regulator combo to run my artists airbrush. Rather than go with a noisy compressor, I'm going to run it off CO2. Since most airbrushes work best in the 10-30psi range, I've been looking at beer regulators to serve my purpose. Since the airbrush hose I'm using has a 1/4" NPT female hookup, I wanted to take out the barbed fitting that came standard with the regulator and put in a 1/4" Male NPT nipple fitting. That's still my plan assuming I can actually get out this fitting that's still in there.

      I'm going to take it into the shop next to where I work tomorrow and see if they have some tools that can get it out. It's certainly not coming out under hand power.

      EDIT: Quick question now that I see you're a moderator. I don't know how much info you have about Micromatic, but if I had to buy a whole new regulator, do you know if they would do a custom order such as a regulator with no output fitting preinstalled, or even installing the 1/4" NPT nipple for me?
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        Same problem

        I bought a dual regualtor assembly 9642) and I am trying to remove the inlet stem from the primary regulator, so I can connect a CO2 pressure hose back to the tank.

        Unfortunetly the threads are frozen. I am afraid to try to hard as I don't want to damage the regulator. Any suggestions on unfreezing these trheads? based on the Hih Pressure hose I bought it looks liek this is not teflon tape but some other form of thread sealer.

        I'll take any suggestions.


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          If You are trying to remove the fitting that goes to the tank they are left hand threads.
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