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pressure rising overnight

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  • pressure rising overnight

    Hi all,

    I've got a Beverage Air 4-keg refrigerator with 3 kegs running with CO2 and a guiness keg running on beergas. For the 3 kegs being pumped with 100% CO2, I've been having a problem with the pressure on the regulator climbing overnight. I have the regulator set at 12 psig, but when I get in to open the bar at 9pm on a given night, I see the pressure on the regulator at 19 or 20 psig. If I pull open the pressure relief valve atop one of the kegs, I can bleed off the pressure and the regulator returns to 12 psig. If I dont do this, the first many beers poured are incredibly foamy.

    My thoughts are that I've got a leaky regulator on my hand. Nobody opens the fridge during the day, so its quite unlikely that kegs are warming up and CO2 is coming out of solution. Further, as soon as I close the gas shut-off valve immediately next to the regulator, the pressure on the regulator climbs from 12 up to about 20 psig.

    Does this sound like a bleeding or leaky regulator to you guys? I dont want to order a new one if this isnt actually the problem.


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    Sounds to me like you've got it figured out. I would replace the regulator. That is the only thing that controls the pressure.
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      Search the forum on leak tests for your pressure system. It could be the regulator as well as other areas of the system.
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        Also, if the regulator climbs to 19-20 when you close the shut off, that means the regulator is set to 19-20 psi. Overnight the pressures acclimate and are all equal in the morning. It may take a bit to climb back up especially if there is a leak in the system. Follow Scott's advice and search for leak test to determine if this is the case.
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          Having same problem

          I just got a new Kenmore and about ready to pull my hair out with all the problems. I set the pressure with the shut off valve at the bottom of the regulator closed to 12 psi. I open the shut off valve and can hear the keg pressurize. Close the door and leave. When I get up in the morning to check, the pressure on the regulator had climbed to around 18 psi.

          I have released the keg and the pressure drops back down to 12 psi where it was originally set. Any ideas on what the problem might be. Could it be the brand new regulator supplied by Sears?

          I'm also having some temperature problems. The kegerator won't cool below 41 degrees (cabinet temperature). I just adjusted the thermostat set screw as described in some other posts to try to fix this problem and am crossing my fingers.

          This might be a dumb question, because I thought the regulator was only supposed to read the pressure being applied. Is it possible the "warm" beer is causing the pressure to climb and it's being read because I have a leaky regulator?