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Coupler ball retainer differences?

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  • Coupler ball retainer differences?

    Hey Everyone,
    I found a leak in my D-style coupler (TapRite CH5000) and I am getting a warranty replacement. I had thought about possibly upgrading the coupler rather than using the same one, but it seems mine might be one of the better ones. I was curious about the ball retainer differences. On mine, it has somewhat of a 3 pronged style retainer. When I look at one like a Sankey Keg Coupler on amazon for $25, it seems to only have one plastic bar across the top. Would there be any differences or advantages to only having only one plastic piece on the retainer? I was just wondering if it was possible for the 3 pronged one to create more turbulence and cause potential foaming issues. Thanks for any input you could give.

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    I don't mean to answer my own question, but I think I might have an idea of why they are different. The 3 pronged retainer allows the ball to be "caught" in the same exact spot every time allowing the desired wall clearance every time and making it consistent. The single plastic "rod" across the retainer type seem they would allow the ball to be caught in either the middle, the left or right side causing inconsistency and possibly potential for flow issues. Just my thought.