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Pouring non-nitro beer on a nitro line

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  • Pouring non-nitro beer on a nitro line

    When I had my system installed this winter, my installer automatically installed one Nitro line for pouring stouts and other nitro beers. The problem is that I'm operating a German restaurant and I don't want to serve stouts, so I don't need the dedicated nitro line. I'm having trouble getting my installer to come up and change the line for me, so I need some advice on what I can do without their help. I have a ~75' run, so nitro is also being used to help move the beer. Is there an easy way for me to convert my nitro line to a regular line?

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    Change the gas to the same gas that the other lines are using. Adjust the pressure to be about the same as the others. Change the faucet to a lager/ale faucet. That should do it.


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