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  • Gas Blender question

    I've never used a gas blender or mixed gas before. So this might be a rookie question.

    I am considering buying the MM100, 200, or 300 for my home bar, very short lines. All of my equipment has it's own cabinet next to the refrigeration.

    Before I spend the money, just want to confirm I understand everything correctly.

    Per the instructions, you need to feed 55 PSI to the blender from the tanks via regulators, but how would I adjust the gas blend PSI to the keg? The item listing shows that Outlet Pressure is Factory pre-set @ 47 psi. Is it ok that 47 PSI will always be what is sent to the kegs ? I currently only send 11 PSI CO2 to a keg. So it sounds like a large difference, I wonder if that's just the nature of blended gas and this is actually fine?!

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    Hi! Could you explain why you want to use a blender in your setup? For nitro beers?


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      Yes. To have the blender for the flexibility of putting a variety of nitro beers on tap.


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        In that case, I would get the MM100S to run the nitro lines on the 25/75 blend and continue using 100% CO2 for the rest of your system. You will need a secondary regulator between the blender and the kegs set to 32-34psi. 47psi would be too high. Also, there are small regulators inside the blender to feed the input gases at exactly 55psi, so run the regulators from the tanks higher than that-- around 60-75psi.


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          I have been down this road and understand your desire to have both Guinness and mixed gas. I will not attempt to tell you how to spend your money but will tell you what I have and how it's set up. My blender of choice would be the TM200-70-30. It is a McDantim blender in Micromatic clothes and is the cream of the crop. I have one nitrogen cylinder and one CO2 cylinder. One line into the blender from each. Coming out, I have one 70% CO2/30% N line for ales/lagers. The other outlet has 75%N/25%CO2 for Guinness. The secondary regulators are built into the blender and give you complete control over pressures to the kegs, typically 26psi for ales/lagers with 12-13 ft line length (2.6 v/v). Guinness is normally about 32psi with a 6ft line length. There is some money to be spent here but believe me when I tell you, you are going to love blended gas with your ales and lagers. Nice dense, creamy head not to mention the ability to serve Guinness as well. Feel free to contact me if you decide to go this direction and have more questions. This is not hard to set up and is a load of fun!

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            Thanks for the information! I think I will go with the McDantim double, I didn't realize they have built-in secondary regulators. I just wish they had a triple because I'm not sure if I want the 70% CO2/30% N or 60% CO2/40% N for ales/lagers. Do you find that the 70/30 is "best" for "most" ales/lagers ?


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              When I got my blender, that's the mix it was preset at. It has worked very well. If you want the triple, you could probably have it both ways though I don't think you'd ever know the difference. I believe 70/30 is actually the recommended blend now even though it was 60/40 at one time.


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                Ever think of going with a pre-mixed 25/75 tank to run nitros and Guinness? Would save you a lot of money compared to a blended gas setup. Unless you need blended gas to overcome restriction because of long draw or lift but doesn't sound like it.


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                  Johnny G,

                  25/75 blend is OK if you have a reliable vendor for your mixed gas cylinder. I won't speak for anyone else but I have found that to be a challenge. My gas vendor does not fill N cylinders on the premises. The tank must be shipped offsite to the "home office" and I'm without it for a couple of weeks forcing me to either (A) have two tanks or (B) go without draft beer for two weeks at home (not an option). They do however have cylinders of straight N that I can exchange my empty for. Not to go without mentioning is the fun factor of having a cutting edge draft beer dispense system when friends come over. Yes, you surmised correctly. I'm crazy.