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  • Wall Mount Regulator

    Micromatic sells a high pressure hose assembly for mounting your CO2 regulator on the wall where it can't be easily broken. Great idea, love the concept.

    Two questions:

    1. This seems like just a high pressure hose, the tank attachment from a regulator, and 2 fittings to make them all attach to each other. Couldn't one make their own for FAR less than $95? I've got high pressure hose lying around. I've got a regulator to mount to the wall (which I can take the tank attachment fitting from). All I would need is a 5/16" I.D. hose barb->Female LHT fitting and a 5/16" I.D. hose barb->male LHT fitting to make it all work. Is there some magical piece of this that I'm missing that makes theirs worth an extra $90?

    If yes, that's somehow worth a hundred dollars, then:

    2. Assuming someone explains that their hose has special end fittings that never leak and are worth an extra hundred dollars, what would you recommend I do for the same, but on a Nitrogen tank? Purchase the CO2 hose for $100, then just transfer the tank attachment over from the N regulator?

    If no, that's way overpriced, I should just make my own for under $10, then:

    2. Any idea where to find that hose nipple->female LHT adaptor? The nipple->male adaptor (Micro Matic 1319070) is easy to find, but the female one (allowing you to attach the tank adaptor to the hose itself) seems harder to find a version of...

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    Yes, one of the reasons for high-pressure hose is having a wall mounted regulator but I think primary reason is installer doesn't have the room for tank mounted regulator and tank in area of dispense. I understand being paranoid about damaging regulator, but a wall mount for tank and a gauge cage should be enough to protect regulator.
    Before you do a DIY high-pressure hose (BTW can you pressure test to 2800 PSI safely?), can you post application (how many kegs, remote or short draw, type of cooling for beer, home or commercial) maybe someone else can find a cheaper and safer solution for you.
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