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Pressure regulating all of the things

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  • Pressure regulating all of the things

    Everything may not be installed at once, but I'm trying to understand how to pressure regulate, well, all of the things.

    Nitrogen tank should go to both a gas blender and straight to a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee keg.
    CO2 tank should go to the same gas blender, multiple kegs, and (preferably) a soft drink keg (home-brew root beer).

    I've drawn up roughly how I guess the attachments would go (see image), but I'm not sure if I'm right about how they all might be connected.

    What I THINK is right:

    Needs to go straight to a high-pressure regulator, then (I'm guessing) split to both the gas blender and to the cold brew coffee keg. I think a standard secondary CO2 regulator (despite this being straight nitrogen) would work to regulate the pressure in the cold brew coffee keg, but I'm not sure.

    CO2 needs to go straight to a high-pressure regulator, then (I'm guessing) split to both the gas blender and to a row of secondary CO2 regulators.

    Soft Drink
    Homemade root beer wants CO2, but I'm not sure what regulator would work best or where it would fit into this mess. Would a secondary CO2 regulator work here, since they're (relatively) low pressure, and Micromatic seems to recommend a higher-pressure regulator for soda?

    Cold Brew Nitro Coffee
    Cold brew requires straight nitrogen, with no CO2 mixed in. I believe the pressure required will be the same as for a stout.

    Gas Blender
    Any keg pressurized by the gas blender also needs to have a secondary CO2 regulator between it and the gas blender, to keep it the correct pressure. I assume.

    NOTE - If you're also looking for advice, don't take the initial attached drawing as what things should be -- wait until (hopefully) later in this thread once the kinks are worked out. I will post a completed schematic once it's done, so others can follow my lead

    These are all relatively short lines, where loss of pressure due to distance is a non-issue. All things may not be hooked up at once, but I'd prefer each to have the ability to be hooked up at any time.

    Any advice on where I'm going I might be going wrong? I'd rather have this planned out before I buy all the parts. (Thanks!!!!)

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    Add all beers to the blended gas, straight CO2 to soda only.


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      After talking to some beverage techs, and after taking the excellent advice above, I've changed my initial extremely simplistic diagram into one that's a bit more "on-point". (And more useful to others who come here at some point looking to do the same.)

      Each gas (or gas mixture) has its own color. Gas line thicknesses are relative to the pressure they'll be experiencing. A few minor modifications will probably occur during creation, but I think the general concept is good to go for now.

      Edit - since the forum software can't handle larger jpg's, the actual image can be found on Dropbox.
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