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  • First keg problem

    I set up my first kegerator and everything has been great for the past two months. Tonight, I poured a glass of beer that was fully foam. I checked the regulator and the output pressure was very high (20psi). The tank pressure read zero. I tried to adjust the output pressure back to 10, locked it but it rose back to 20psi on it's own. I turned the valve off to the tank and the output pressure remained 10psi without increasing. As soon as I opened the valve, it increased to 20psi. The tank pressure remained unchanged at zero. I had the C02 tank filled prior to first use. Does this sound like I'm already out of C02? Or, what else could it be? Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Sorry if late to reply but if you have a home system you are in the wrong place.
    From your post, I'd say yes tank is empty, this whole thing about going to 20+ when empty might be a foreign regulator problem. If tank emptied in a few days, then you have a high pressure leak.
    Check the connection between the tank and regulator, some have built-in washer, others require a fiber washer depends on make.
    High pressure gauge is usually the lower one, one on top is low pressure, you can test if empty by turning coupler to off position (handle up), turn tank valve full on, then regulator valve to on, pull on pressure release valve on coupler, no hissing, tank probably empty, if you have a pressure release valve on regulator pull on that, if no gas, tank empty.
    If you need more help and home dispenser, post a new thread in proper place, post as much information as possible and I'll delete this post.