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    I have been redoing my draught lines in my home bar. I have currently acquired some of the 5/16 beer line from MicroMatic. I was previously using 3/16 vinyl lines from my converted beer fridge to the tower. I would like to use these new beer lines so I would like to get some advise for using this line. Once this line is inside my fridge should I use a line connector and utilize a piece of vinyl tubing from where the beer line enters into the fridge to the keg coupler? The reason I am asking is that the new trunk lines are not very flexible and would be difficult to use when changing kegs, etc. Should I use some 5/16 vinyl line or should I reduce it down to 3/16ths? The length of the trunk line will be about 7-8 feet long and I am planning on reducing down to 3/16 vinyl for the last 2 feet going into the tower.


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    5/16" ID beer line is way too big for a 7-8 foot run. It's more for a 20 foot or more run. You are definitely going to have to reduce it down to 3/16" for at least 2' to restrict the flow.
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      Does your tower have stainless tubing or vinyl going to the shanks? Whats your elevation? The 5/16 barrier line is going to add restriction to the system so you are going to need to re adjust your total operating pressure. Is your system forced air cooled? Are you using a complete trunk or just the barrier line?
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