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Chiller is Freezing Beer

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  • Chiller is Freezing Beer

    I have a Perlick 4410 line chiller on a 120' run. It has been fine for almost 2 years. Within the last two weeks, it has begun to freeze some of the lighter alcohol beers, and now freezes everything under 5%abv. The glycol level is normal and the mixture is 80/20 glycol/water.

    The front panel readout says 61F, for the reservoir. However, I get 27F from a reading with a calibrated thermometer. I am suspecting a flaw in the thermal probe, but the manual says the chiller should cycle every 5 minutes if the probe goes bad. That is not happening. It is running constantly.

    Is the probe replacable? I don't even see it, easily. Second, is there a software calibration for the temp probe?

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    I'm not familiar with this (or any commercial) equipment, but I'd say that if the unit says it is 61 degrees yet you measure something else, there is a problem in the temperature sensor or electronics. Cycling every five minutes is perhaps a symptom of a bad probe, but there is likely no way to predict every thing that can happen when something like this goes bad.

    Just my two cents.
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      I would replace your existing glycol in the bath ann replace it with a 50/50 mix. At 27* beer will freeze. I would contact the co that installed the system also to have them service the unit. If they cant or will not help ya out contact your local beer distributors draught dept and see if they can help .
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        Contact the manufacturer to determine the correct glycol mixture and temperature setting for this unit. If the digital readout is not in range (normally between 29 to 32F), the probe could be defective and should either be replaced or calibrated. If you can determine thermostat mfg., search on line for instructions to calibrate probe.

        If the unit's compressor (glycol pump operates 24/7) runs continuously, it will defect prematurely and will require replacement. The thermostat's job is to tell the compressor to either remove heat or not. Hopefully the settings have not been altered.

        Do not rule out a dirty condenser or a bath that has deteriorated and requires replacement.
        Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute