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    Need y'all's help in getting my design correct. Customer wants tower outside bar and matching tower at the inside bar with both towers running off of 1 set of kegs. System is glycol with blended gases. Each line has a FOB and split using a beer Y. Balance of the system is not a problem.

    The outside bar will be shut down during the winter months.

    Here is the problem. What is the best way to shut down the outside beer lines? My concern is that I do not want to chance cleaning solution from backing up into the shut down lines and possibly contaminating the active lines.

    I'am considering an in-line disconnect before the beer Y and one immediately after the beer Y on the inside bar. This would allow by-passing the beer Y and outside line after the lines are cleaned and shut down for the winter.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    The Draft Doctor

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    I would say just do a beer shut off valve on the Y to the lines feeding the outside bar. When they are ready to shut down outside bar, clean it, blow it out, turn it off, and leave it off. Maybe put a zip tie on it during times when not in use to prevent some nut from "accidentally" turning it on. Its amazing what can happen in these walk-ins at times!


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