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How to remove check ball from coupler

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  • How to remove check ball from coupler

    Hello, I have an older (2002,3,4ish) MicroMatic all stainless steel couple (D) with the ergo handle (see attached photo). I am trying to remove the check ball and retainer from the probe so I can fill a keg through the coupler. I believe the check ball and retainer are typically removed through the top of the probe.

    There is a white plastic washer/bushing (see attached photo) that is pressed into the top of the probe that keeps the ball and retainer from coming out. I figured I could pop the washer/bushing out and then remove the ball and retainer, but the washer/bushing is in there pretty firm (possibly permanently).

    Is there another way to get the ball and retainer out that I am missing? I can't imagine MicroMatic made this couple with a non-removable check ball and retainer, but maybe...

    I looked at the replacement parts for the currently available MicroMatic coupler that is most like mine and it doesn't show the plastic washer/bushing thingy in the expanded parts diagram.

    Thanks for you help.

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