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  • Plastic or metal

    I'm putting together a frig conversion and need advice on a faucet.

    The Perl SS 525 or the CM Becker X2?

    They both cost around the same and that's not an issue for me.
    German versus USA engineering.
    Metal versus plastic.

    It was told to me that a commercial setup with a glycol cooling system is fine to use metal faucets.
    But, a home set up, that has minimal use (a couple pours a night or several pours a week) would be better served with the Becker or any non-metalic faucet.
    The metal faucet acting like a heat sink, warming up the beer in the shank also.
    I understand that cold beer hitting a warm faucet causes foaming. This might have some validity especially in the Arizona summers when the inside of the house is in the high 70s.

    So, with all the knowledge and experience out there...which one should I get and why?
    I know this is a MM sponsored sight, but I'm just askin...
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    Go with stainless steel faucet, don't like plastic.


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      Any time you have beer hitting plastic the friction will cause foam!!! As far as the cold beer hitting the warm faucet do a quick 2-3 second pour on the first pour and this will cool the faucet down and make your next full pour beautifull
      Colin Harrison
      Dbi Beverage Chico


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        i agree w/ spdbump i have the 425ss i have a bit of foaming at first but after the first few sec it pours great i like the p er lick myself
        oh it never sticks and super easy to clean


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          plastic will react and change the taste. go for steel.
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