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Small Glass Rinser Installation Options

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  • Small Glass Rinser Installation Options

    I am refinishing my basement and having my contractor build a small bar for me. I have a stand-alone Beverage-Air kegerator that will sit at the end of the bar. I am having a sink built into the bar and I wanted to add a small glass rinser to my ensemble. I purchased a "Undercounter Mount Glass Rinser" from Micromatic that is the perfect size (about 6" square). But now that I'm looking at it if I mount it under/on-the-edge of my counter it will really kind-of get in the way (I have a tiny space behind the bar). I would not mind sacrificing some counter space for a counter-mount rinser but the smallest I can find is about 15 inches square (way too big - designed for an integral tower mount). Has anyone ever known of someone who mounted the undercounter mount rinser in the counter? I'm figuring my contractor could cut an appropriate size hole in the counter and seal it in somehow. I want it to look nice and I don't want any water damage. Any thoughts?

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    If you cut off the 'under counter bracket' this unit can be mounted on a counter top.
    I had trouble with the flat rubber washer under the spray head - squirting out as I tighten the fitting. I replaced it with a nylon washer from the hardware store and plumbers putty - it worked great!