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Low Profile Sankey cleaning

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  • BrewGuru
    Lack of cleaning does not often result in foam problems, except under the most extreme conditions. Generally lack of cleaning results in off flavors.

    As long as you are following a line cleaning regimen, and running the cleaner through the coupler, you should be fine, you can always get a small brush and do mechanical cleaning as well, and while the low profile couplers don't disassemble and clean as easily as the traditional standard couplers, they can of course still be cleaned.

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  • dcarmack
    started a topic Low Profile Sankey cleaning

    Low Profile Sankey cleaning

    I am considering buying a low profile sankey for my Frigidaire beverage center, so that I can use the top refrigerator shelf in it while I have a full size keg inside. My concern is that I will not be able to adequately clean the coupler periodically, which leads to foam creation in the beer line from the keg. How easy is it to clean a low profile coupler?