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Worth putting Micromatic Coupler in?

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  • Worth putting Micromatic Coupler in?

    Hey all i have a danby kegerator and have been using the coupler that came with the kegerator. I have however also have a micromatic that i just had to replace the white little ball in the middle and the black piece. It is it really necessary to replace this or if the danby one seems to work fine its no big deal right? The pours wont improve with a micromatic piece correct? Any advice on this would be great.

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    Odds are the Danby coupler is ok if you are not having problems.


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      if it ain't broke....

      different coupler isn't going to improve a pour, unless the old coupler has an obstruction or is dirty or something like that.
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        Check the coupler for any strong plastic odors. Recently there has been this issue with the couplers supplied for these units. If not, disregard this post.
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