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  • A and G coupler

    My new Kenmore kegerator is on its way and I was wondering if I will be able to fit a 13.2 gallon keg into it with an A or G coupler. If anyone has a Kenmore I would like to know it there is room.

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    I don't see why not.

    I used to have a Kenmore kegerator and I had no problems fitting any kind of keg.

    If things get tight, you can always use one of these elbows, so the beer line doesn't pinch.


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      I read that those two couplers are like 2 inches taller then the D coupler. Is that true?


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        Yeah, you are right.

        D coupler measures: 3 13/16"
        A coupler measures: 5 13/16"
        G coupler measures: 5"

        I still think you'll be fine. The Kenmore is similar in size to the Sanyo model. (See attached image)

        Your keg is 23 3/8" tall, plus 5 or so inches on coupler, you're still under 29".

        Again, to be safe... I would pick up one of those elbow fittings I mentioned above.

        The only time I've had a problem, was with a built-in undercabinet kegerator. These tend to be shorter units, because they fit under the counter. My interior height is 27 7/8". I was BARELY able to get a keg of Spaten with an "A" coupler to fit. I had to use the elbow fitting on the coupler.
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          Thanks for your help. My kegerator arrives next Monday so I will measure it then. Unfortunately I won't tap my first keg until after Memorial Day weekend. I guess the first one will have to be domestic.