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Danby DKC586BL Cooling Problem

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  • Danby DKC586BL Cooling Problem

    I recently purchased a broken Danby Kegerator and was wondering if anyone has experience fixing these. It will turn on and cool down the kegerator sometimes but then once it reaches temperature, the compressor will not come back on after the first time but the display remains illuminated. I have tried unplugging and replugging it in with no luck. The start relay and overload switch have been replaced and the actual compressor itself is not overheating. I am trying to isolate if it is a compressor or a temperature control board issue. The temperature sensor itself is displaying a correct temperature on the display when it is turned on. Does anyone know a way to bypass the temperature control. There are 4 wires, 5V Ground RY1 and RY2. I have tried to route RY2 to ground and to 5V to put the transistor in and out of saturation to see if it will start the compressor up, but I am not sure if I am bypassing it correctly. Can anyone help me on how to bypass the temperature controller, as I am cautious with electricity. I know this model is 13 years old, but I bought it for really cheap and am trying to bring it back to life. Thanks guys!