First time posting. Forgive me if I screw this up. I have a bunch of core components FX08 FOB's. Occasionally when depressing the vents at the top, they come loose and pop out spraying beer all over. I try to educate our team to depress slowly and release slowly but it happens about once a month. I usually laugh at them but one day these might drain a keg or tank if they pop out overnight and then the CO2 that would fill up the walkin would become a serious hazard. My lines run through a pump boosting the pressure to 45PSI due to the distance to the faucets and the 1/4" trunk tubes. Guessing if we put the FOBs before the pump this would happen way less due to the lower pressure but then the initial company that installed them would not have been able to bill us for more FOB's per each faucet rather than per keg. There seems to be a retainer clip or something that should secure the vents from the inside and not just a push it into the hole type of mechanism. Anyone find a solution?