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  • Beer floor chase

    Good morning all,

    been lurking and learning here for a while, but now I’m in need of some support in my own rite. I didn’t have much luck searching for an answer, so here I am posing it directly!

    i have a customer that is requesting a new tap system install. They appear to have a chase running from their cooler out under the bar that has never been used, for whatever readon. (Established business, been around for years). So I ran a fish tape through it and sure enough it runs from the cooler to the bar.

    Here are my questions.

    it appears that be no bigger than 4-5 inches. As much as I could tell it also looks like it may have straight 90* elbows. Have to verify when we go back for a more formal discussion.

    how much could this hamper pulling a line set through this setup, and how many lines do you figure could fit, if I can lines through there to begin with.

    thanks in advance

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    if the system that you are going to install is a glycol system, the 90's turns are going to make it very difficult to run a trunk line. if it's only a four inch chase, it's gonna be near impossible. you may be able to run a six product line at most. if you had a hard time running a fish tape thru, that is a good indicator that running a trunk line is going to be hard. the lines are flexible, but not that flexible. i would recommend that you use one of those wire pullers that electricians use when pulling a bundle of wires, don't remember the name, but they are like a chinese handcuff. the more you pull, the tighter it gets. you might be better off looking for a way to run the line overhead. good luck.


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      I wouldn't recommend using that chase. If it is only 4 or 5 inches in diameter with staight 90"s, you would be very lucky to get any trunk line through without damage.