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3/16" Choker Line Placement

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  • 3/16" Choker Line Placement

    I'm trying to balance a beer line and I'm unable to get into the backside of the beer faucet to properly install a 3/16" choker line. What's the ramifications or downside of installing the choker line directly after the keg's sankey tap?
    All literature indicates the best placement is right before the faucet but I have not been able to find any info indicating issues with putting the choker by the keg.
    Thanks in advance

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    What you want to avoid is having your line go from a small diameter like 3/16" to a large diameter line like 3/8" as it flows through the system. If the line diameter increases between the keg and the faucet, you risk having a pressure drop which can cause foaming. That's why it's recommended that you add your 3/16" at the end of the run. Tell me a little more about this system. Is it direct draw or long draw? What other kind of tubing are they using? What's the applied pressure? What problem are you trying to address by adding additional restriction? Cheers!