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Short custom tap handles?

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  • Short custom tap handles?

    So when I installed my kegerator in my kitchen, I stupidly didn't realize that most tap handles won't fit in the space between the top of my tower and the bottom of the cabinets just above them. The standard black short knobs fit just fine, but the total space I have is about 3.75" which doesn't really leave me a lot of room to replace them with better-looking ones. Most custom handles I've been looking at are a minimum of 4" and I'd really like a chalkboard/whiteboard-style handle so I can feel even cooler by writing the beer name on each of my 2 taps.

    Anyone have any recommendations for handles under 4" that still look decent and maybe have a spot with chalkboard paint on them? I guess I could find a woodworker to maybe make custom ones for me, but so far I haven't found anything decent anywhere I've looked.