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2 kegs to 1 faucet non series possible?

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  • 2 kegs to 1 faucet non series possible?

    I have an account that has a 2 keg series for their bud light. they are claiming they are always left with about 1/10th of a keg and that the keg getting the gas will only empty partially before pulling from the second keg. i find this impossible based on how a series setup works. i do however believe they may be connecting the kegs in the incorrect order which if the full keg is pouring into the partial second keg the beer will just run down from the top of the keg causing foaming. so when the keg "empties" its just full of agitated beer that just pours foam and when it settles thats the 1/10th of a keg they are talking about. tried getting them to switch to just a regular 1 keg setup but they insist on having 2 kegs online at a time. had an idea to setup 2 kegs individually with their own normal coupler connections and put a Y before the faucet so the 2 kegs would be connected to the 1 tap. thought about putting a FOB on each beer line so if they dont pull beer at an equal rate and one keg empties before the other the FOB will stop the flow to keep gas and foam from shooting through to the Y joint and prevent foaming as the other keg flows to the faucet. i've never seen this done before which leads me to believe it wont work but wanted to see what anyone's thoughts would be on the matter.
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    If you do this, ask the bar if it would be ok to put a shutoff valve on each leg of the Y. When the bar blows a keg, they can have the second keg ready and just switch line 1 to off and line 2 to on with the shutoff valves. A FOB would help keep the single line to the faucet packed. I have also seen a double FOB that came out recently, but the account I have seen it at, did not have success using it as intended.


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