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Problems with 304 Trigger Tap

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  • Problems with 304 Trigger Tap

    I purchased the 304 trigger taps about half a year ago. When I initially set them up, I had a lot of issues with faucet shaft mechanism seating properly. Basically, the solid shaft from the 304's is replaced with a spring mechanism that comprises the "trigger" system.

    Unfortunately, there are times when the shaft doesn't seal completely and beer just keeps dripping out of the faucet, all the while a knocking can be heard, which is the sound of that spring bouncing around while beer continues to push past it.

    Does anyone have a work around for this issue? I reached out to MM when I first installed them and never received a response. The problem is intermittent -- but a huge pain in the *** as I'm on a long draw system and have to send my bartenders into the basement to shut the line off so I can take the assembly apart.

    I suppose it's time to remove the "trigger tap" system altogether and just replace it with the solid shaft of the normal 304's -- but considering the price difference between the two, you would think that MM would have sorted out the engineering on these. Perhaps it's user error -- but I've taken everything apart and put it back together as it should appear to go and I'm still having issues.

    Any tips are welcome.