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Faucet is hard to loosen and tighten

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  • Faucet is hard to loosen and tighten

    I clean beer lines every 2 weeks on a 12 faucet direct draw system and the faucets are very hard to get off and put back on. I use a recirculating pump and micro Matic blc and thought they would get easier over time. Maybe they were just gummed up because the people doing it before never removed the faucets when cleaning. After 3 months the faucet couplers are still just as hard to move, I have broke 3 wrenches. Any ideas on what could make life easier

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    It could either be beer getting into the threading and gluing it up, or the threading on either the faucets or the coupling nuts could be a little beat up. If it's the former, pour some warm water over the coupling nuts before you try to take them off. If it's the latter you might try to convince the account to upgrade their equipment.