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40 Tap Direct Draft Advice-Tube Length

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  • 40 Tap Direct Draft Advice-Tube Length

    Hello! I have opportnunity to by a 40 tap direct draft system which includes a 24'x8' walk in cooler; 40 taps mounted on outside of one of the long sides; 8 gas distributors(one for each set of 5 taps; all fittings couplings etc; 10' of drain pans w 2 rinsers below the taps. No secondary regulators just the distributors. Everything I have read says length should be no more than 5' from keg to shank. This is fine for the 20 kegs along tap wall side of cooler. Kegs on opposite side would need lines 15' to 20' to go up and over the ceiling and down to taps. Questions:1. Can I just increase line i.d. to 5/16? 2. With 8 gas distributors I assume I can have 8 co2 tanks with individual primary regulators. Would having "custom" pressure for each set of 5 taps help? 3. Should I give up on having lengths longer than 5' and double up the kegs with seperate shelf or purchase the device that lets you put one keg on top of another and still tap it. Then all kegs would be near taps. Interestingly, advice for one member who ran a 5' pvc pipe with blower from his fridge to his bar recommended using 12' of hose , not anything less, and curling up the excess. All help is appreciated. I am excited about the opportunity to add this to my existing cafe but want to avoid big mistakes. Thank


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    This probably isn't what you want to hear, but the biggest mistake you could make would be not hiring an experienced draft professional to do this install for you. Spending the money to get this properly installed will save you money and headaches over the long term.


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      Was already thinking that may be the way to go. I figure anything that takes more than 3 sentences to describe problably needs expert advice.