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Core Components FOB problems

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  • Core Components FOB problems

    I have a Buffalo Wild Wings remote system that has Core Components FOBs . Anyone else having a problem with them? When I flush the system, with the float in the cleaning position, I still have the float dropping and stopping the flow. Already blew out one of the flow meters because I didn't catch it in time. What a PITA this system is. Anyone have any ideas?

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    If it is a True Core Brand device, rather than a Knock off, the "Clean" Position is when the lever is pointing directly upward. Unless it is something other-worldly bizarre, there are only 3 possibilities:
    1. The reset lever has been backed out of the seat a bit, and is not reaching deeply enough to prevent the Float being jammed in.
    2. The actuator tine at the end of the Lever's shaft is bent, and can knock the float loose, but cannot support it under pressure.
    3. The tip of the float is too short, either due to malformation, or breakage.
    I am a big fan of playing that old Sesame St. game, "one of these things." Pull the silly thing apart, along side one that works correctly. see what looks off or different. Ridicule it in front of its friends and order up the busted piece.
    If it is more than one, and has been since day one[give-or-take], demand your warranty. Every FOB out there carries a warranty of at least a year. It is one of the most expensive FOBs on the market. Demand the quality you paid for.

    Good luck