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Old ?Iced Panther? Tower Shank Replacement

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  • Old ?Iced Panther? Tower Shank Replacement

    I have a client with what looks like an Iced MaxiPanther Tower (, but in a 4 product version. It's an older tower.

    The issue is that the Faucet Coupling Nut on one of the products is not holding the faucet. I need to replace the Faucet Coupling Nut. I can unthread the shank, but there is a hose connected to the back of the shank preventing me from pulling it off the tower. I can't pull it away from the tower more than less than an inch after unthreading the shank from the tower. I can just barley see the hose thats connecting the shank. I can not remove the Coupling Nut from the front of the shank either as there is no snap ring assembly, the shank is a solid unit.

    Does anyone have any experience replacing shanks or Faucet Coupling Nuts on this type of tower?


    James Ameeti
    Perfect Pour Services
    (503) 714-5020