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New to line cleaning and have an issue with an account

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  • New to line cleaning and have an issue with an account

    It has FOB and I usually get there right as they're about to open so I go down to the beer cooler attach couplers and lift the fobs up when I go upstairs to start pulling the faucets off and attaching the pump hoses line by line. So by the time I have everything ready to go the pump wont start I go to check what's wrong and ALL the fobs have been drained and there is no way to keep them up. I try disconnecting them to the coupler back to the keg fill the fob and back to the coupler but by the time I get the coupler back on the fob drained again. This has happened the past 3 times I've been here but I can vaguely remember a time when I was able to pump it properly it was only one time though. I'm not sure what else to do but I want to make sure i do my job right

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    What FOB's do they have on the system? Some have had trouble with the float lifting mechanism. If the FOB is in the cleaning mode, the float may look like its down, but it might be lifted slightly. Do you have a ball lifter in all your coupler attachments?


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