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  • Recomendation for bar/pub installation

    Good evening! this is Nico from Pelikaan Brewery, located in Sint Maarten. First at all, sorry for my English (is not my native language).
    One of my customers wants to install a draft system at his Pub for 2 beers on tap. BUT there is not enough space in the bar to install a Kegerator, so I'm looking for different options. I'm thinking in 2 different approaches:
    Option 1: keep the kegs at room temperature (between 24 and 27 degreess celcius), and use a flash chiller to chill the beer...

    Next option in next post
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    continue... (I don't understand why the blog is cutting the text ...)
    Option 2: keep the kegs in a freezer (at 0 degrees celcius aprox), and use a small glycol unit to keep the trunk line chilled.
    There is around 7 meters between the place I can install the kegs and the tower...
    Other options are welcome!!
    Thanks in advance!!!
    Nicolas @ Pelikaan Brewery


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      I think option 2 is more viable. I'm no expert though but it could help you make use of the little space. good luck!


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        thanks so much !! I gonna take thay way


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          Glycol would be a good idea if you are limited f or space at the bar. You Do Not want to freeze the beer. You want to keep your beer between 1.5 - 3.5 Celsius. Beer when it freezes and them is thawed, mostly does not taste right, and usually goes flat. You would be ruining you kegs.