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Short draw through wall to air cooled tower

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  • Short draw through wall to air cooled tower

    Hi folks, I apologize in advance if I have questions that can be answered in other posts, but there's a lot to sort through on this forum.

    I'm installing our twelve tap system from our 8x8 coldbox, through the wall to the bar and into a 12 tap air cooled tower. From the coupler I have 8 feet of 3/8" jumper line to the regulator, then 2-4' of 1/4" line to the air cooled trunk line, connected to 5' of 3/16" beer line to the faucets. Given an assumed 7-8 pounds of resistance from the tower hardware itself, that puts me at 22.9-24.2 required pressure on each keg. Our gas supply is a 75/25 co2/nitro mix so I'm not worried about overcarbing in the keg. I'm thinking of routing six of the lines through the inlet of the blower line, and the other six through the return side. Does this sound reasonable to everyone? It seems simple enough, but I want to be sure I'm not under thinking this.

    My main issue is that my boss ordered a pre-designed install kit from Micromatic and there appears to be a lot of extra parts included that wouldn't fit in with my idea for the setup. Thanks in advance for any help.