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Spare parts for couplers

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  • Spare parts for couplers

    Hi, first off: not sure if this is the right section because my tap isn't professional (just for private parties at house) but it's the only place where I could find any discussion on couplers.

    I have a SK016-072 coupler from (presumably) FTR, and my co2 valve (don't know the exact term for it, (in dutch it's "lipventiel" f.e. has lost it's flexibility and I want to order a new one somewhere.

    However, my search for the type only got me to your brand, but the closest one compared to mine is this:, but has a rather different co2-connector and presumable a different valve.
    I tried googling for FTR with the type number but that led me only to ebay pages where they would sell one of those couplers, I couldn't find any reference to a manufacturers website anywhere...

    So, in short, if anyone can point me in the direction of the manufacturere where I can order some spare parts, or have any tip on how to revive the rubber from the valve I would greatly appreciate it.


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    This isn't the most critical part in your coupler. I have a hunch that this part will suit you but I can't promise you. You would probably pay more for shipping than for the part.
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      Thanks for the answer, I had found this one myself too, but it's quite a different shape (and probably size) than what is in it now...