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  • Nitro beer flow rate

    One thing that confuses me about nitro beer is what should the ideal flow rate/relative restriction be. All systems I work with use the same restriction value for all the lines, and just increase the pressure to 32-34psi on the nitro line. But depending on the applied pressure, this could result in different flow rates. For instance, on a 100% CO2 system that's set at 12psig, the nitro line has an additional 20psi over system restriction. In a blend situation where your applied pressure might be 22psig, the nitro line would only be 10psi over system restriction and would have a slower flow rate than the 100% CO2 example. Is that correct? I have been having trouble finding nitro best practices. How should you set up the restriction on a nitro line? Also, does anyone know the restriction value of a stout faucet?


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    I always restrict as if it's a CO2 beer line or blended 70/30 if using blended gas. Mostly because I have a lot of accounts that are constantly switching back and forth from nitros to CO2 beers. And I think the restricter disc has enough to slow the beer down and you also want extra force to strip the nitro out of the beer and give you that cascade effect. Try pouring a nitro at 12 psi it doesn't work out good.