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Overcarbonation - Serving Tank Pressure/Temp/Gas

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  • Overcarbonation - Serving Tank Pressure/Temp/Gas

    Hello. Due to the restriction in our draft lines (long draw, possibly 5/16 ID?, insulated glycol chiller) we are forced to push our beer with 20 psi in the serving tanks. We are using 100% CO2 in the headspace to push. We carbonate our beer to the 2.6-2.7 range. Our cooler is around 37-40F. We are finding that any of the slower selling styles are absorbing too much CO2 and are a pain to pour after a few weeks. obviously over time the co2 in the headspace is absorbing into the beer at that pressure and temp.

    can we use a blended gas of some sort in the headspace to slow down this process without affecting carbonation or dispense?

    we run a liquid co2 tank and nitrogen system. the blender has a blend running to our guest keg lines but not the brites. forgot what the blend % is.

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    CO2 is accumulative and will saturate your brite tanks at 20psi. You can use a 60% CO2, 40% nitro to push the beer. On long draw systems, I normally run 18-24 lbs depending on length of run and lift if any. How long are your barrier lines? Also keeping the cooler between 35-37 will help immensly. I work with a few micro breweries and have had similar issues in past. is your trunk lines 3/8" to your barrier tubing? Do you use a glycol chiller and have it set to 29-31 degrees? Depending on what type of blender you have, it could be used to drive your brite tanks as well as guest kegs.


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      Dumbagain, are you serving from the brite tanks or kegs? If brite tanks recommend beer pumps and FOBs with approx. 12 - 13 psig. Kegs use 70% CO2 blend.