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Glycol system build check list

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  • Glycol system build check list

    Hey guys doing first big glycol system build. Have done a lot of forced air and direct draw and troubleshooting glycol systems but never from scratch. Want to make sure I have everything for a smooth install. Here's my list of parts and account info.
    40ft run with 16 faucets
    Metro h tower 16 faucet with drip tray
    Mmpp4301-pkg power pack with dual pumps
    Two 8 product trunk lines
    Mm200-LD gas blender
    Primary high pressure c02+ n20 regs
    16 secondary regs
    Two 1/4 glycol install kits each kits does 10 lines
    4 gals of mm glycol
    SS wall bracket jumpers
    3/8 jumper line
    Keg Couplers
    Braided and vinyl air line
    Misc clamps,moister,foil tape etc..
    Trunk line mounting clamps
    Account is putting in the L5-30P outlet for power pack
    Power pack will be located about 8ft from walk in with plenty of ventilation
    Already figured out my chocked line length to balance system
    Please let me know if you guys think there is anything missing or things to watch out for during install thanks!