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    I'm doing an install where the customer wants to store the Glycol power pack in a large storage closet that is a long stretch away from the beer cooler. I can run the glycol line all the way to the cooler if need be, but about halfway to the cooler, the glycol line intersects with the beer trunk line on its way to the bar. I was wondering if it was possible to simply connect the glycol line directly in the middle of the beer trunk line instead of running it all the way to the cooler. Theoretically it seems like it would work and either way, the power pack has enough power for the run. Does anyone have any experience with this or any reasons why it would be a bad idea?


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    Do Not do this, (hopefully you didnt) The beer from the keg box has to be in cotact with the glycol from the cooler to the tower, if you splice in the middle the beer from the cooler to the splice will be at a diffent temp than the beer from the splice to the tower. Also make sure you will be getting enough airflow for the glycol unit in the storage closet.
    Colin Harrison
    Dbi Beverage Chico