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bending stainless steel "choker" for install

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  • bending stainless steel "choker" for install

    I am working on an install, using Kronos wall mount tower w/ 12 lines, the choker lines come straight out but I need them to go up 90 degrees with not a lot of space to work with (8 inches at the most). My plan is to undo all of the nice insulated wrapping and start bending them myself, hoping I don't kink any of the lines. Any tips to make it easier or a specific brand of pipe bender to use would be appreciated. Wondering what the Micro Matic people use to make their bends and wondering why Micro Matic doesn't offer this as an option. I will have to do this on 3 different towers.

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    A installer who also is a super moderator posted this when a member asked about lining up coils and shanks:

    You can bend the stainless tubing using a tube bender. I use a spring tubing bender, it is exactly what it sounds like. They come in a kit of 4 sizes and can be purchased from Lowes or Home Depot in their plumbing dept.

    Good luck and cheers!

    Dennis Cullender
    The Draft Doctor

    I searched under "bender", I remember similar question that was posted. Not sure if this helps.


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      Thanks, KillianBoy

      I do this all the time using he spring tubing benders. Absolutely necessary to use a bender on the copper glycol lines, without a bender you will kink the copper.

      Micro-Matic did have a 90 degree bend in all of their kronos towers. However, they stopped pre-bending a year or so ago due to many complaints/suggestions that the bend doesn't always go up or down. You can order pre-bending but it will probably be an extra charge.

      Do your own bending once, it will never be a worry again. Just take your time.


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        probably too late for your install but ive installed several of these and getting a tube bender to fit between 10 other lines is difficult, Ive bent by hand, very carefully. Last install was 40 lines, I bent all 40 ninty degrees. No problems, no kinks.