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  • Portable dispensing system build

    i am building a portable dispensing system for tasting events. It will be in a 36" x 24" x 30" frame, will hold four slims, the CO2 bottle and an ice chest, and have a four tap tower on a 36" x 24" wood top. The cooler has four 50' ss coils. I have used many two and three tap, one regulator jockeyboxes at beerfests, and thought I could get away with one regulator going to a manifold, but am now leaning towards four secondary regulators. The questions pertain to the temperatures. Are 50 foot coils enough, and I am wondering if the beer temp will drop much when it leaves the cooler, the length of the lines from cooler to tap will be less than three feet, about half of that length will be inside the tower and insulated. I was thinking of running hard lines through the tower, with the remainder vinyl. Thanks for any advice!

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    Sorry for delay in responding, just saw your post. If you haven't already built this unit, here is my input.

    Go with one regulator, all beers will run at pretty much the same pressure on jockey box, unless you have way different beer styles with way different co2 per volumes.

    50' too short, in my opinion, for high volume events. Like my beer cold.

    Beer temp will certainly warm up in the tower. Can you hook up low volume pond pump with lines into tower?

    Let us know how it works.


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      Hi, thanks for the reply. I finished the system two weeks ago. Besides a few leaks where the hose connected to the shanks in the tower, which I qiucly fixed, it worked pretty well. My fears about keeping the beer cold were unfounded. I think I will insulate the lines anyway, as the tower (made of 3" copper tube) started getting condensation on it. I will post some pictures soon, but to give you an idea of the portability, I am calling it the beertrike.