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CO2 dispense on hi rise picnic pump

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  • CO2 dispense on hi rise picnic pump

    Working with a brewery, for winter outdoor festivals they want to run draft beer just through the high rise picnic pumps with co2 as opposed to a pump. What type of restriction is built into these dispense rods, what type of flow can be achieved and at what pressure. These are festivals so 3-4 ounce samples will be the norm, looking for a slower pour rate and little foam, all beers packaged at similar volumes of CO2, pouring 10-12 beers at a time and jockey boxes are too bulky for that many products. any input?
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    Not sure what the restiction is but the ones we use are made by Leland Gas Technologies, check thier web sit they may have the restriction info on there. You can adjust the pressuer from 1 - 30 lbs if you cant find the restriction, I would just play with the pressure to achieve the desired flow
    Colin Harrison
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