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    First time to this forum it rocks just built my jockey box with 75’ss coil. Use it for tailgating football game so I drive 20min to get there should I wait a while to tap the keg? I have read a bunch of info on here just want to make sure this is correct, run my psig around 25 to 35? When I am done for the day turn off gas and pull the safety relief on the coupler to relief the pressure in the tank? I use 1 keg every 2 weeks when I store it so I keep the co2 on @ 12psig or disconnect the coupler?
    is there anything else I forgot to do thanks for the help

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    Re Charge the keg to 12 psi and then you can remove the coupler. If you dont keep the keg cold during those 2 weeks it may start to degrade. Also if the keg is warmer you will need to re charge the keg with a higher PSI. I would clean the lines between use also.
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      When you "store" the keg in between uses, are you keeping it cold?

      What brand beer?


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        yes the keg is in a kegerator and I am working on keeping the temp around 38
        should I wait to tap the keg when I get there? thanks for the help


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          It really doesn't matter. I've tapped kegs immediately after unloading them at parties and never had any problems.

          Do you keep the keg cold when you use the jockey box?

          I have a 120ft SS coil in my jockey box and typically start the pressure at about 20 psi or so and gradually increase it as the keg warms up to a max of about 30 PSI or so.


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            I place the keg in a trash can with ice. I had 2 other problems the other day to much head, I was at around 13psig after using it for 5 hours I think I should have raised the psig and put more ice on the keg
            it later stop pouring 2 all I still had at least 1/4 of the keg left


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              Your procedures are sound, especially resetting the head space in the keg to the lower pressure for storage. Clean the daylights out of your equipment after use and before firing it up for the next event, couple your keg and purge the rinse water out of the system with beer prior to icing. Do not drain the water as you want a ice water bath - similar to thermometer calibration. Mostly ice with some water. Add ice when necessary.

              In your best interest, you may want to wait until you get to the event before coupling the keg. No need to draw attention to local law enforcement or risk a faucet opening en route. Otherwise, it does not matter when you tap the keg.
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