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  • Jockey Box Shanks

    I was just doing a tune up on a cold plate dual tap jockey box I bought from my buddy. I have replaced all hoses ,all washers,etc. My question is ,should I replace the shanks just to be safe ? They are clean looking but has a few years of age on them . Also,I have ran Powered Brewery wash through the plate and then starsan sanitizer and then water to flush. Hope that was OK. Also is there anything else I need to do,cleaning,etc. other that what I am using ?
    Thanks for your help

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    Sorry if I posted in the wrong area . I am new here and will try to follow the rules.
    Thanks Again


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      Really no need for the sanitizer. Shanks should be fine. Taste is final test.
      Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute


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        The StarSan thing I think comes from home brew forums. Many home brewers feel that sanitizers are a must for everything that touches beer, not just unfermented wort. While I will sanitize a keg before filling, CleanFlo or BLC is all that I us on my lines, couplers or faucet.
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