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Impact of tap compensator size/length

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  • Impact of tap compensator size/length

    I use a jockey box (dry cooler)-system for dispensing a variety of micro-brewed beer, including some fairly highly carbonated ones.

    How important is the length of the conical piece in the compensator with regards to minimizing foam when pouring highly carbonated beer, wheat beer for instance.

    I have recently seen a tap with a 95mm conical piece in the compensator.
    Would I detect any big difference if I replaced my taps (45mm conical piece) with these?

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    Exactly which compensator are you referring to? Do you have a part number or a link you can post? What type of jockey box are you using - cold plate / coils?

    Normally a compensator is not designed to reduce foam, even for wheat beers.
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      What is a "compensator" and what does it compensate for?


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        a conical compensator is an adjustable flow restrictor device commonly used in premix soda faucets and some older stout faucets. most new stout faucets use a restrictor plate, which performs the same function as a conical compensator but isn't adjustable.....

        for soda dispensing, a conical compensator allows you to dispense foam-free soda using a shorter hose than you would have to use if you used standard beer faucets for soda.