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Building a coil system

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  • Building a coil system

    I am trying to make a customized Jockey Box/ cooling system. I have a section of stainless steel tubing (40' of .375 X .035 T 316L WLD -A-269) without the end connectors. I have a cornelius keg setup with everything but a cooling system; all have standard fittings.
    I think I need 2 - 3/8" grommets (787G), 2 - 3/8" ferrules (787F), then what? Or am I completely off?
    Q: What other equipment do I need and how do I connect it to the rest of my setup?

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    Not certain what the T 316L WLD -A-269 means. The 40' coil sounds like a 38" O.D. stainless coil. For the entry point, use the 3/8" bore shank with the 787G and 787F. From the keg coupler, use the 6' vinyl jumper to the shank.
    Most commercial set ups utilize an additional 20' of 1/4" O.D. stainless attached to the 3/8" as a restrictor to control the flow. You can simulate this with 10' of coiled 3/16" I.D. vinyl. Use a short 4" piece of 3/8" I.D. vinyl and clamp to the outlet end of the 3/8" O.D. stainless. Clamp a 3/8" x 1/4" splicer to this vinyl and to the 3/16" I.D. vinyl. Attach the other end to a 3/16" splicer under a hex nut with washer to a faucet shank. Start pressure about 25 PSIG and adjust for desired flow. This system is not intended for long term dispensing (over four hours).

    Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute
    Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute


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      I am building a small scale prototype as soon as possible. I envision the coils being several thousand feet long to store off peak power, it may look like a large water storage tank with multile coils inside with the wind turbine on top instead of the picture I provided.
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