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    I am building a Jockey Box for event cooling and was reading through the othe FAQs. What is the purpose for the additional restriction mentioned in some of the other replies. I plan on building a 2 product box with 50' each of 5/16 OD 304 Stainless coils. My thoughts were that there would already be plenty (too much) restriction, necessitating 20 to 25 PSI CO2. I planned to use 3/8" ID shanks and 5/16" ID vinyl tube. Could someone please explain what else I will need to make this box pour correctly?
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    1/2" ID tubing has a restriction value of .025. I couldn't find one or stainless 5/8" but still the bigger the tubing the less restriction. That only provides 1.25 of restriction and your trying to slow down 25 lbs of push, you would need a significantly longer piece of 3/16" tubing to get your flow right. If you could I would go with a smaller ID coil. Someone with practical experience might have some more input but I've only dealt with jockey boxes were smaller ID's.
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      Since these systems require a significant pressure to propel the beer through the length of coil while maintaining gas in solution, the restriction acts as a dam retarding the flow allowing for a manageable pour.

      Be careful using 50' coils in high volume situations. 100' - 5/16" OD with 20' - 1/4" OD coils are ideal for this application.
      Scott Zuhse, Instructor Micro Matic Dispense Institute