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JB lines balanced still cups of foam

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  • JB lines balanced still cups of foam

    Here's my situation, and I've scoured the threads with no luck. I'm swimming in a virtual sea of resistance, line diameters, vols, temps, and pressures, LOL.
    My set up:
    Jockey box with:
    50' 3/8 OD SS coil
    5.5' 3/8 ID PVC tubing from keg to coil
    6" 3/8" ID tubing from coil to faucet.
    Faucet typically sits 18-24" above center of the keg
    Keg of Coors Light 2.2 vols (?) in an ice/water bath, probably 36ish degrees
    Coils in an ice/water bath.

    Resistances are as follows:
    Coil - 10 PSI (50'*.2)
    Beer/faucet line resistance .6 PSI (6'*.11)
    Faucet height 1 PSI (2"*.5)
    Lines balanced to 11.6 PSI

    Beer @ 36ish = 8-9 pounds

    What PSI should I set the regulator at? The company I bought the jockey box says that with those lines the regulator should be set at 10-15 PSI. I do that and all I seem to get is foam. Tons of it, like a full cup.

    I've done the math, I think, and it just doesn't add up. Should I run smaller lines to create more resistance? But then I'l need to crank up the PSI to compensate for it and risk over carbing the keg.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I've owned this jockey box for 10 years and it's never seemed to be dialed in.


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    Coors Light is 2.7 v/v. "Probably 36ish" isn't a temperature.
    What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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      Originally posted by djc View Post
      Coors Light is 2.7 v/v. "Probably 36ish" isn't a temperature.
      Unfortunately I didn't measure the water temp, but the keg was surrounded by ice and the tub was topped off with water so I'm assuming some where just above 32 degrees.

      So CL at 2.7 in 36 degree water should be 12-13 PSI. My line resistance is 11.6 PSI, so should I be adding more resistance and serving at 12-13 PSI?


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        I'm not a jockey box guy, my inclination would be to go from the coil to the faucet with 3/16th, which is in line with your suggestion of resistance.
        What I have: Haier two tap, 525 faucets, tower cooler, 10' lines


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          Originally posted by djc View Post
          I'm not a jockey box guy...
          Apparently I'm not either, LOL. I have 8 taps in a keezer and have never had a problem.

          Thanks for the responses though


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            Coors Lt is 2.6 as of 2012. I would switch to 3/16 line for sure. I run 100ft coils on my J boxes at work and run those at 30#. With half the resistance I would run at aprox 15-16 #
            Colin Harrison
            Dbi Beverage Chico


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              Thanks! I contacted the company I bought it from, MoreBeer and they said they run the 50' coils and 5 feet of 3/16 as a choke and dispense at about 13 pounds. I've ordered some 3/16 line from MicroMatic and will experiment with it the next couple days.

              I've owned this box for 12+ years and I do seem to recall a bunch of 3/16 line in it. When I replaced all the lines I didn't include the choke and that explains why it's hasn't been pouring right. I totally forgot about that until I started researching the issue.


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                Humor me on this. Bump up the pressure to 30 - 35. Been doing this a long time, jockey boxes need high pressure.