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  • Building a business model & startup

    First, I'm running the numbers to understand what line cleaning and installations can provide in terms of revenue & profit, so I'd appreciate any input from the people who already have businesses and how they've set up their services for their customers. How did you go about pricing your services?

    Second, what equipment would a line cleaning business need to start and how much upfront investment (+/- $1671)? Is this list pretty complete? Anything missing or not needed to start?
    - Tool Box ($47)
    - Thermometer ($40)
    - Brushes (11 brushes @ $55)
    - Wrenches (assorted @ $200)
    - Electric beer line cleaner 20' to 300' ($590)
    - 4-valve cleaning can ($340)
    - Deluxe beer line cleaning kit ($49)
    - Cleaning chemicals ($350)

    And third, any lessons learned you care to share?

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    The key to the success of implementing many business ideas was innovation, high-quality service, constant improvement of your product and competent marketing.
    The situation in many markets today is changing significantly. Many traditional and once profitable businesses are burrowing today, and this is an excellent opportunity to launch new and non-standard business ideas. Guys, here you can find answers to some questions. I hope this will be helpful to you.
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